Apple shunning the competition

There has been a lot of talk recently about Apple now restricting how applications for the iPhone/iPad are made. Simply, any applications that are to be made available through the Apps Store must have been made using ONLY the Apple SDK (Software-Development-Kit) or with a derivative of C or JavaScript. This has caused problems for Adobe who had the tools out there necessary to convert flash applications for use on the iPhone which does not support it natively, but the use of this is no longer allowed. Now I understand that Apple want to improve the available applications by creating a standard but in some instances it would be more efficient to utilise other software to do the job.

These new regulations specify that no intermediary stage may be taken to produce the applications. This includes software or toolkits that convert code from one language into iPhone compatible software. It seems to me that they are trying to push the competition out of the game, just another way in getting money flowing to them directly.

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