Browser Wars

Recently we have seen a huge influx of advertisements from Microsoft trying to show off Internet Explorer 8. These adverts, amusingly for those of us who use different browsers, are showing off functionality that has existed in other browsers for a much longer time. The idea of private browsing has existed in all the other main-stream browsers for a long time, parental controls and more.

Having worked in the Internet production field before I also know how frustrating it can be to produce cross-compatable applications and guess which browser is the most problematic! Since IE8 was released, I am relieved to say that is has become a lot easier in terms of styling a website. In the past there were always problems, trying to battle with IE to make things look right. However there was one situation that I was in where I was using a lot of javascript, specifically the Dojo-toolkit. At least with the old version of the toolkit, IE8 would throw errors and the only way to stop these was to put it into “compatibility mode” where styling problems would then occur; somewhat of an annoying trade-off. Fortunately Dojo have fixed these problems, problems that would not happen with other browsers.

Now IE9 is on its way and this will apparently support the forthcoming and updated standard, HTML5. I hope this time they get things right and actually support true web-standards, rather than making us developers fight against all the quirks.

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