A New Post

Hi everyone. I am aware its been a little while since the last post I put out but the blame for this lays on university finals and a quick holiday. Fortunately I am back on the scene now so keep a lookout for any new posts from me.

As part of expanding this site, I am going to be adding a portfolio of some of the web projects that I have been working on; this way you can see first hand what is out there under my name. Also, I will be adding a couple of pages over time about the photography I do and some of the interesting software tools that I have been using.

Finally, it is my intention to move away from the standard wordpress template on this site and I am beginning discussions with a friend and graphics designer. Unfortunately it seems that people or companies who work on the web always focus on other projects rather than their own websites, but with any luck it will be done in the near future.

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