iPad not quite there yet

Well this is my first post ever on wordpress, here goes. I thought I would start off with a little complaint about the Apple iPad, even though it is a little behind the times.

I am no foreigner to computer technology, particularly when it comes down to Apple and Tablet PCs; in fact I own a MacBookPro and I used to use Windows XP Tablet Edition extensively for a few years. The ability to use the screen as a new method of interfacing with your operating system was hugely advantageous and opened up a completely new world to computing. It is this technology that companies such as Apple are trying to tap into to help improve how we interact with technology and I have no objection to that.

My problem comes about because of interface. If I want what is effectively a Tablet PC, I want a device that works like a computer. Sadly apples idea of utilising the iPhone/iPod touch interface does not appeal to me because of the limitation of software in the Apps-Store. I want applications that function more like those when I am sitting down behind my Mac, functional and useable rather than limited. Maybe over time these Apps may become more appealing, but at least for now I do not want to splash out on what is just an over sized iPhone.

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