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I thought it would be necessary to include some examples of the projects that I have been working on and quickly discuss the technologies used. Some of these projects are privately done while others I have included from my previous employers, Intendance Ltd.

Private Projects

Armalon website homepage screen capture

Armalon Ltd

One of my private clients was looking for an upgrade from their old website due to errors and limited functionality. The solution that I provided was built on the Zend Framework MVC and provided a working back-end interface for the company to make changes to their products and pages.

Since this site went live, an improved version was requested which included an upgrade to how image thumbnails and full-size images were displayed; this was achieved using the dojo javascript toolkit. Also additional functionality to allow customers to “customise” their product was requested; this has been built but is still pending the client to populate the necessary data.

Link to the live site here.

PMRC website screen capture

Pall Mall Rotary Club

Because of my involvement with the Pall Mall Rotary Club, the task of creating a website for the group was delegated to me. Because of timing constraints at the time, the first version of this site was a basic static holding page providing basic information about the club, provided an email contact form for any enquiries and included google-maps integration to show the meeting location of the club.

The next and upcoming version of the groups site will be powered by wordpress with custom templates. Also a Zend Framework MVC system will be included to handle email lists, membership databases and other functionality relevant to the operation of the group.

Link to live site here.

There are other active and upcoming projects on the private front that may be included here at a later date. The next project to be released will be a Web2.0 system utilising JSON, AJAX and the Dojo toolkit for a group called Entertain & Sustain.

Intendance Ltd

During my period of employment at Intendance Ltd, I worked on a series of custom Zend-PHP projects for various clients of the company. Here are just a few that I worked on:

Intendance Ltd website

Intendance Ltd

Whilst freelancing for Intendance Ltd, after I finished as a full time employee, I was involved with the creation of various templates for their new website. The site is powered by wordpress and uses some jQuery functionality. The site was intended to further advertise the company brand to any potential customers.

Link to live site here.

Electoral Commission website search tool

Electoral Commission

One of the projects that Intendance Ltd provided for the UK Electoral Commission was a search tool to allow website users to search through the political parties statements of accounts. The tool itself used javascript, jQuery and ajax to provide a fluid and functional search facility. I was not directly involved with the search tool itself, but I focussed on the back-end administration system and the automatic MS-excel spread-sheet generation facility.

Link to live site here.

Other projects that I worked on during my time at Intendance Ltd either were fully written in Zend-PHP or utilising different existing technologies and modifying them to suit the specification. These included: MySource Matrix, ModX CMS, Open-Cart, PayPal, SagePay and more.

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